From Promotion to Payment, Benefits in Real Time

Consolidated Billing®

The incorporation of multiple products into a single billing statement. This may include multiple benefits from multiple providers.


Common Remitter®

The collection of gross premiums on behalf of an employer with the responsibility of disbursement to the respective benefit plan providers.


Exchange Builder®

Exchange Builder® is a cloud based, Employer specific “Benefits Exchange,” platform designed for Small Employer Groups that enables agents and brokers to create a customized marketplace for the Communication, Enrollment, Consolidated Billing® and Benefit Administration of both Core and Voluntary employee benefits.


Managed Payroll Deduction

Paylogix communicates directly with the group's payroll or HRIS systems and exchanges payroll deduction data via secure file transfers



A benefit communication and election portal uniquely geared toward the employer, employee, and broker. Promote + Enroll = the Pro-Enroll™ concept.


Single Slot Administration

The collection and remittance of gross payroll deductions through a single negotiated payroll deduction slot on behalf of a union for any number of union related benefits.

  • Our private cloud based environment is leveraged by insurance professionals, insurance businesses and plan sponsors to mix-and-match plans for a diverse voluntary benefits offering.
  • We host a virtual market where employees or members are able to learn about and shop for insurance, compare benefits and prices, and choose a plan that best suits their needs.
  • Our back end processing features a real-time medium for payment and premium processing, plan administration and secure data management. From promotion to payment.

From promotion to payment, Paylogix provides the tools and services for the intelligent exchange of money and data related to health and welfare programs.

Now,Paylogix® Technology is Available as a

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Educate and communicate with your employees

Paylogix® tools and services are known throughout the industry. We are trusted professionals by brokers and carriers looking to fortify their employee benefit offerings. Our cost and time saving tools increase successful benefit plan implementation and improve the overall employee benefits experience. Our other capabilities include: secure file exchange, eligibility management, ACH bank drafts, and COBRA administration.

For Carriers

We work with you to make sure your products are properly represented and billed for correctly so you can receive timely and accurate remittances.


For Brokers

We facilitate every step of benefit plan implementation, from enrollment to billing and remittance, to COBRA administration.


For Employers

We remove the burden of tedious and monotonous billing, payment, and employee subscription management.


Carriers receive high levels of return for a low cost. We simultaneously decrease your workload while increasing your efficiencies and your attractiveness to broker distributors.

  • We reduce overhead time spent on menial tasks and ensure reliable, complete payments from the employers.
  • We remove issues associated with complex billing structures; hesitation generated by complexity, as well as eliminate benefit plan failures due to billing inaccuracies.
  • Our Co-Op Funding Partners program helps carriers attract and network with brokers potentially increasing distribution.
  • The Paylogix system is compatible with carrier legacy systems and we can support unique client protocol requirements. We are also able to interface with any payroll environment employers may have, increasing the carrier connection to their revenue source.

We provide a means to differentiate you from your competition, enable you to sell a superior product to your clients and prospects, and provide an opportunity to increase your book of business at no or low cost.

  • We remove the hesitation involved in enrolling into a voluntary benefits plan and increase plan success rates. The employer doesn’t worry about errors or spend extra time on menial tasks and errors and the carrier receives their payment and continues coverage.
  • Your clients receive a service and toolset that simplifies their voluntary benefits administration. They receive an organized and detailed bill, access to managed payroll deduction, an enrollment tool, analytics reports, and more.
  • You are free to hand pick your benefits selection to make a best in class product suite to offer your clients without having to worry about the administrative challenges involved with in multi-carrier benefit plans.
  • We supply analytics and historical data garnered from enrollment, changes, and payment to assist in trending performance.

Through our services you save time and money, gain access to strong Ben-Admin tools, an enrollment tool, analytics reports, managed payroll deduction, and a communications medium.

  • We have connections and EDIs established with many of the industry’s top benefits providers.
  • Our bill contains deeper levels of reporting and data organization. The Paylogix system reduces the burden and wasted time for your HR department. The data is accurate and mitigates mistakes in payments.
  • With Pro-Enroll™, employees can access benefit information from anywhere, discuss their options, with their families and even enroll on the fly. Because it is integrated with our Consolidated Billing® system, payments will be on time and accurate. Your employees will not only appreciate you for offering a benefits program, but for making it less stressful to enroll in and pay for those benefits.
  • We promote your benefits and enroll employees using Pro-Enroll™.


The following is a brief overview of our more frequently used standard reports.

Additionally, custom reports are often generated on an as-needed basis.

Report details and samples are available upon request.


End users have access to basic statistics and calculations garnered from participant information and subscription data.

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Billing Review

Lists an organization’s bills, payments, and adjustments by product for a given period.

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Lists transactions, adjustments, and activity for a given participant.

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Specifies payment history information for an organization. The information includes dates, check amount and check number.

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Premiums Paid

Shows the breakdown of an organization’s payment by product that has been remitted to providers.

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Products & Subscriptions

Lists products an organization’s participants are subscribed to. You can search subscriptions per product.

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Agent Commissions

For Agents only, lists their current assignments, past assignments, commissions paid, and commissions currently due.

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Overdue Payments

Lists products by organization for which no payment was added to the system during a given time frame.

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